Experience the beautiful motorcycle tours in Galicia, Spain. Enjoy a complete package of all of our services with the MotorBike+Tour packages. If you want to bring your own motorcycle, you can choose the Tour package. Already staying in Galicia? Discover the beauty of our MotorBike package.

The Tour package can be started (on your own bike) from the Pyrenees or any city in North West Spain & Portugal. If you have your own ideas or want to change a tour you can specify a Tour on demand.

Visit places only known by local people from Galicia, places you normally don’t find as a regular tourist. Feel and taste here the Galician spirit. Tryout the seafood, fish or meat, specially prepared in the Galician style. Enjoy Spain on a different level, go back in time and meet the Galician tradition founded in the historic times of the Celtics, Vikings and Romans.

Nowadays it is still as the Wild West, not in the USA but in Europe, Spain. Rugged area with rough men who are taming the wild horses. But ancient traditions are threaten to disappear.

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GaliciaMotoTours is located in Vigo, the leading industrial city in the south of Galicia with the largest fishing harbor of Europe.

There are 4 airports to travel to this area:
3 in Spain: Vigo (15km), Santiago de Compostela (105km) and La Coruña (160km).
1 in Portugal: Porto (150km)

We offer free transfer from Vigo Airport.
For the other 3 Airports we offer discount on transfer fee.

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